Democrats File Complaint Against McCain Over Campaign Money

WASHINGTON D.C. (AP) — The Democratic Party has filed a complaint against Republican John McCain with the Federal Election Commission.

It’s calling on the FEC to investigate McCain’s decision to withdraw from the primary election’s public financing system.

The Democratic National Committee contends McCain cannot reject the public funds because he faces questions over the terms of a loan he obtained late last year.

McCain was entitled to $5.8 million in federal matching funds for the primary. He notified the commission he did not intend to accept the money. That would free him from strict spending limits that come with the public funds.

But FEC Chairman David Mason has said McCain must explain a $4 million line of credit he secured last year and must receive approval from four members of the six-member commission before withdrawing from the system.

One problem that would hold up consideration of McCain or the Democrats’ requests: the commission has four vacancies, and cannot convene a quorum.