Delays and cancellations continue for people flying ahead of Christmas

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SPOKANE, Wash. – Some people flying out of Spokane International Airport say they’ve already been traveling for over a day, just trying to get out of Spokane and make it back home.

“Hopefully we can all get on this flight tomorrow morning,” Ntasha Anders, who was traveling to Dallas, said.

Holding onto hope is what many travelers stranded in Spokane did and are doing.

“I was going to be in my final destination, which was Seattle, and that shortly turns into a 29-hour layover,” Anders said.

Issues with flights being canceled and delayed continued through the weekend in Washington, and travelers are fed up.

“I saw United had a flight for $1100, I considered it but stopped,” Anders said.

Travelers are dealing with long lines and wait times just to find out their flight had been canceled.

Breyden Baratone had been stuck at the airport for hours, dealing with crowds and chaos.

“So I got here at 5 a.m.,” Baratone said. “When I got here, there was maybe about 70-100 people in the lobby. There was just chaos of lines, kinda intertwined with each other. Nobody knew where they were going and after maybe 3 or 4 hours, I got into the right line that i was supposed to and then just waited it out.”

Now, after all that, Baratone had to wait until Saturday for his flight home, and says out of anytime that he’s traveled before, Friday has been the worst.

“The craziest i’ve seen when I got here this morning,” Baratone said. “And I’ve been to lots of bigger airports.”

One traveler trying to get to Vancouver from Seattle is now stuck in Spokane due to frozen seattle runways.

“But yeah so late into the last leg of my trip, we got diverted here.” Roy Han said. “I was like shocked when we woke up and we were in the wrong city.”

Now, he and many others may have to spend their Christmas in airports.

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