Deer Park Woman Inherits Castle

DEER PARK, WA. — Most people inherit a grandfather’s watch or, if they’re lucky, a portion of a retirement nest egg. But a fairy tale came to life for one Deer Park woman who recently inherited a European castle.

Twenty-six year old Jamie Nadherney’s father died recently but left his daughter a castle in the Czech Republic, where he possesses the title of baron.

The castle – just outside of Prague – has been in the Nadherney family since 1806. It was temporarily taken away from them when the Russians invaded the Czech Republic, however Jamie says her father reclaimed the castle and spent 17 years renovating the massive home.

Jamie notes that the inheritance isn’t simply a fairy tale for her, it’s also about preserving her family’s name in history.

“My father gave me the world and my mother taught me how to survive it through those tools,” she said. “It kept me going and also because this is so important to my father to keep this in our family, it’s one of his dying wishes.”

Jamie and her family grew up in Chattaroy and Deer Park where they weren’t overly wealthy, especially by standards of families that own European castles. She said she intends to stay in Deer Park, but will open the castle up for parties and events.