Dedication ceremony held for woman credited to saving Salish language

SPOKANE, Wash. — One of Spokane’s newest schools is inviting the community to learn about the woman who is credited with saving the Salish language of the Spokane tribe.

Flett Middle School hosted an open house and dedication ceremony for Pauline Flett, who was a tribal elder whose passion was to save her tribe’s native language.

The Salish language is apparent throughout campus to showcase her success in saving the language.

Now, her legacy will be honored throughout the school in different areas of the classroom.

“Pauline was a true educator and we want to honor her legacy through integrating some of the work she did with the Salish language, but also her advocacy work so through our advisory program and our social studies work,” Matthew Henshaw, principal of Flett Middle School, said.

At the end of the ceremony, everyone who attended was able to take part in music and dance native to the tribe.

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