Dashcam Video Shows Last Moments Of Deadly Chase

SANDPOINT – Authorities in Bonner County have released the dash camera video from a patrol car that shows the pursuit and fatal shooting of a would-be robber in July.

The video, shot from the dash camera of Deputy Mitch Parnell’s car, offers a chilling look at the last few minutes of Mark Betts’ life.

“Each time it’s the same … it’s shocking and it’s scary,” Bonner County Sheriff Elaine Savage described her personal reaction to the video.

The video starts as Deputy Parnelll pulls out on his way to help fellow officers and deputies who are trying to get Mark Betts to pull his SUV over after he was seen stealing $40 in liquor from a Ponderay liquor store.

Betts turns off Highway 95 onto a side road after avoiding a set of spike strips and that’s when an Ponderay Police Chief Michael Hutter moves his truck in to force Betts off the road.

The video then shows Deputy Parnell moving around the passenger side of Betts’ SUV just as he’s attempting to climb out of the passenger side door with a gun. Betts fired at Parnell, a bullet just missing Parnell and nicking the collar of his uniform.

Sidestepping to the right and then backing away from the vehicle Parnell fired multiple rounds through the passenger side window at Betts. Betts was hit and killed.

Last week the Bonner County Prosecutors cleared all three deputies that were involved in the shooting of any wrongdoing.

“They all realized how dangerous the job is.  But what I think happens on this Monday afternoon reinforces the dangers of their jobs and how quickly something so simple can turn so bad,” Sheriff Savage said, adding all three deputies involved in the incident will be honored for their service in November.