Dangerous Intersections To Receive Cameras

SPOKANE — The time is near for Spokane to start installing Photo Red traffic cameras around the city, but the question is when exactly will the cameras finally be installed. 

At first the city was looking at installing them in the spring. Then they were looking toward early summer. Now it’s looking like the cameras will get installed sometime late this summer or early fall.

While the installation date continues to be a moving target city officials have nailed down the top four unsafe intersections that will get the Photo Red treatment.

The first two intersections to receive the new cameras will be Brown and Sprague and Mission and Hamilton.  The top two intersections with the most accidents are Sprague and Division and Division and Francis and these will be the next two intersections to get cameras.

State Farm Insurance Company reported Sprague and Division as the second most dangerous intersection in the state with a large amount of funds being spent on accidents at that location. They are hoping the new cameras will slow or put an end to red light runners.

Back in February the Spokane City Council approved a contract with American Traffic Solutions of Arizona to install cameras to catch drivers who run red lights. Under the contract, ATS will charge $4,600 a month for each camera that photographs one approach to an intersection. The money will come out of fees paid by violators.

The city estimates it will net about $190,000 a year from violators with each individual violation caught on camera costing the vehicle owner $124.