Crowd gathers in Spokane to promote peace, solidarity

Crowd gathers in Spokane to promote peace, solidarity

Dozens of people stood out front of the Spokane Courthouse Saturday afternoon to promote solidarity.

Two Spokane women started  a Facebook page called “The Peace March and Fundraiser.”

Organizers said many of their friends and families have been feeling lost since Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th President of the United States.

Several speakers shouted, “we will stand! we will fight!” in hopes to promote solidarity and unity in the community, including groups of all races, backgrounds and ethnicities.

They said even though some people are living in fear of what may happen next, and many of them oppose policies and comments made by President-elect Donald Trump, this was not an anti-Trump rally. 

“There are a lot of people that are not okay with results of election and what that means, so we are showing solidarity with people of color and Muslims,” said Keegan Shea, peace supporter.

“It’s not really anti-Trump. We don’t want to be anti anything,” said Kelsi Wellens, co-leader of Peace movement.

“We wanted to stay positive, we wanted to be just for everybody. If Trump supporters are here, great! I hope they can listen to us and hear some new opinions,” she said. 

They are also accepting donations for Planned Parenthood, Rain, Odyssey and Earth Justice.