Crews Extinguish Fire In Post Falls Park

POST FALLS, Idaho — Firefighters quickly got a handle on a small wildfire burning near Q’emlin Park in Post Falls. As of Sunday night no homes were in danger. Firefighters think they have a handle on the fire, but it was burning in some rocky, dangerous territory.

“These guys look like they’re doing a good job,” said Post Falls resident Jim Vancho.

Flames died down as soon as firefighters established a fireline.

The fire started late Sunday afternoon in a trail network within the park. Its burned fewer than five acres but there are homes all around.

“I’m trying to help the firefighters protect the houses,” said Vancho.

Within a couple hundred yards of this home smoke was rising and flames were jumping just up the hill.

“I’m makin’ sure everything’s wet,” said Wade Wise.

At another home they smelled the smoke turned on the hose and rigged up the sprinkler.

“Its just our yard sprinkler, I climbed up to the tree fort and set it up on there,” said Wise.

Its a makeshift solution to be sure, but the sprinkler did it’s job.

“Keeping it wet, keeping it moist, keeping the grass green,” said Wise. “It’s harder to catch fire if it’s wet.”

Their home appears safe but fires keep chewing up the Inland Northwest a few smoldering acres at a time.