Cpl. Barstow Talks To Family From Iraq

SPOKANE — Corporal Tyler Barstow, an Inland Northwest native currently serving in Iraq, spoke briefly with his family Wednesday morning via satellite on Good Morning Northwest.

Barstow, a Marine, has been stationed in Iraq for about six weeks. In the interview he talked about the changing tasks involved in being a combat correspondent.

“Each day is pretty much completely different than the last,” he said. “My job is to tell the marine’s story so pretty much every day I go out with a different group. I work with video, photo and the written story to tell their story so I’ll do just about anything.”

He talked about documenting a recent trip to the advanced infantry training center where Iraqis are being trained as soldiers, and mentioned some positive changes he’s seen during his relatively short stay in Iraq, including a program where female marines work with female Iraqis to deliver medical supplies and do other work in a culturally respectful way.

The four members of the Barstow family that were present then took a moment to thank Tyler for his service.

“I wear your marine cap everywhere I go and everybody says â??Thank you, thank you, thank you,'” Tyler’s grandfather Rex said.

His sister Mary, mother Janet and father Ben also expressed similar tidings of gratitude and well-wishing.