Coyote attacks dog near Boise area hiking trail


BOISE, Idaho– Idaho Fish and Game has a warning for people with their dogs around the Boise foothills: watch for coyotes.

The message came after fish and game got a report about a coyote attacking a dog earlier this month. People walking their pups are urged to keep them close and under a watchful eye.

Idaho Fish and Wildlife said it’s not uncommon for coyotes to get territorial with dogs. It usually happens around their dens in the spring and early summer when they’re raising pups. It can also happen during the breeding season, which is Feb. and March.

That makes an attack like this in the fall a little unusual.

If you’re hiking around the Inland Northwest and see a coyote while on the trail with your dog, wildlife experts say you should grab it close and make noise to scare it away.

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