Court docs: Woman shot her son ‘five or six times’ before dumping his body off a bridge

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane County Superior Court released new court documents that reveal details about Christine Catelli’s alleged shooting of her son, Chase Catelli.

She admitted the shooting to her brother, William, saying she had done this just before entering drug rehab five months ago. William contacted law enforcement.

According to the documents, Christine admitted to shooting Chase five or six times as he sat on the couch of her boyfriend, Thomas McKinlay, in Spangle.

During a recorded interview, Catelli told detectives McKinlay was not home at the time of the shooting but helped her dispose of the couch. She also said she used “peroxide” to clean the crime scene.

Catelli also informed detectives she used McKinlay’s van to transport the victim’s body before dumping the remains off a bridge over Kamiache Creek in Whitman County. Detectives located a trash bag with the decomposed remains of Chase Catelli at that location.

Detectives were told by Christine that her son had threatened her multiple times with a firearm before the killing.

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