Court docs reveal moments before and after federal agent was shot in Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. — Newly filed court documents describe the moments before and after a federal agent was shot in west Spokane. 

An agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives was shot Friday night during an undercover operation at the Motel 6 on S Rustle St. 

A criminal complaint shows the operation involved a man named Randy Holmes. An undercover agent spoke with Holmes and planned to meet him for some sort of transaction. 

The complaint shows both the officer and Holmes fired shots when they met. Holmes was shot several times and taken to the hospital for his wounds. 

Surveillance footage from the Motel 6 parking lot reportedly shows the shooting happening near a grey Dodge Charger. 

According to the complaint, the Charger sped away from the Motel 6 and was later found at a nearby Hampton Inn. Two men were reportedly seen getting out of the car and going different ways. 

Spokane Police later contacted both men to ask what happened. 

One man, who 4 News Now is not naming as he has not been charged with a crime, told police he met Holmes at a 7-11 before the shooting and asked for a ride. 

According to the complaint, he told police Holmes stopped at the motel and got out of the car. When shots were fired, he jumped into the driver’s seat and left. 

He said another man, later identified as Vincent Petrushkin, was also in the car, though they did not know each other. 

Vincent Petrushkin

Police also spoke with Petrushkin, who admitted to being at the Motel 6 during the time of the shooting to purchase a firearm with Holmes. He also told police he left the scene when shots were fired. 

Petrushkin has a prior assault conviction, which restricts him from possessing a firearm. He has been charged as a result and could face a max of 10 years in prison if convicted.

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