Court docs: Former Ferris coach accused of having sex with second underage girl

Court docs: Former Ferris coach accused of having sex with second underage girl
Ferris H.S. football coach Charlie Eglet, charged with child rape

A former Ferris High School coach already in jail accused of having sex with an underage girl is now under investigation for an additional improper sexual relationship.

31-year old Charles Eglet was arrested in August, accused of having sex with a 15-year old girl he met on Snapchat. Investigators said he was portraying himself as her peer and that he used the Snapchat geo filter to find the girl when she was staying at Northern Quest. She said he sexually assaulted her and reported it to police.

He was booked into jail and is awaiting trial on rape and child molestation charges.

After that investigation, another young woman came forward, saying she also met Eglet on Snapchat and had a sexual relationship with him. Police spoke with her in November and have asked for a search warrant to look at Eglet’s phone, which is currently in the WSP’s evidence facility.

The girl told police she met Eglet on Snapchat. She said she specifically told him she was only 14 and that she thought he was 17. She said they talked about sexual things and agreed to meet up at midnight on July 4th at All Saints Church. She said she knew immediately he was not 17 and thought he was “kind of scary and big,” according to court documents.

She said he told her he was 22, but that he was actually 31 at the time. She said she was uncomfortable and left, but that the two kept talking and met up 2-3 times a week after that and would engage in sex each time.

“She said the first time they met up, she didn’t feel terrible about having sex with him, but she didn’t want to,” according to the court documents. She told police that she started to think “this disgusting relationship-ish with this older man is kinda gross.”

She said she asked him to leave her alone, but he kept texting her, saying he could buy her things.

She told police the two would have sex in public places and would tell her, “If we get caught, remember that you are 18!”

She also said he took video and pictures of her during their encounters.

She told police that she found out about another friend of hers that met Eglet on Snapchat. She said that girl knew of other young girls who also communicated with him through the social media app.

In the search warrant application, investigators wrote, “It is possible that there is evidence on his phone in regards to other unknown victims.”

Eglet was arrested August 23rd for having sex with the other underage girl and admitted that he knew she was 15 at the time.

WSP arrested Eglet on the initial charge. Spokane Police are investigating the case involving this second possible victim.