Coupon Codes Can Save You A Bundle Online

SPOKANE — It is so easy to go online, do a search for what you’re looking for, buy it and never leave your house. We often are willing to pay full price and a lot in shipping just for the convenience.

We found out though, you often don’t have to.

As the number of online shoppers continues to climb so do the number of online deals. With thousands of e-tailers though searching for them can often take more time than searching for what you’re hoping to buy.

Now a number of websites are giving up what used to be exclusive information called coupon codes. Like paper coupons, the online versions have the potential to save you pennies, or hundreds of dollars.

At for example you can search by store or category. No matter how you search, you’ll find dozens of these codes that can save you money on the purchase price or save you on shipping.

For instance one code will get you $10 off a $40 purchase at Perfume Emporium while another code can get you 10-percent off your entire purchase at Kohl’s. Even Las Vegas hotels like the Bellagio offer cheaper rates with coupon codes.

Other sites provide free shipping but again only if you have the special code. Most e-tailers ask for the code as you check out and hope you check out the savings, at the same time.

The best way to find codes for a specific store is to just type into the search engine what store you’re shopping at, along with the words “coupon code” and often times, you’ll get more specific results.