Couple travels from Airway Heights to South Dakota with body of 8-year-old

AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. — Police say a couple traveled from Airway Heights to South Dakota with the body of an 8-year-old girl, and are now being detained for homicide by abuse.

On Wednesday night, Airway Heights detectives received a call from detectives in Mitchell, South Dakota about a crime that occurred in Airway Heights.

According to Mitchell Police, 28-year-old Aleksander Kurmoyarov and 33-year-old Mandie Miller drove from Airway Heights to Mitchell with the dead body of Miller’s 8-year-old adoptive daughter.

Mitchell Police say Kurmoyarov and Miller had the daughter’s body in a coffin inside a U-Haul tow-behind trailer.

Police say Kurmoyarov told investigators that the child died in Airway Heights a little before Halloween 2022, and Miller said her daughter died on September 10.

Mitchell Police say Kurmoyarov admitted he did not seek medical attention for the child when she died because he and Miller wanted to spend more time with her, and they were afraid they would get in trouble.

Both Miller and Kurmoyarov are being detained for homicide by abuse charges in South Dakota pending an arrest.

The Spokane County Prosecutor’s Office is seeking unlawful imprisonment, criminal mistreatment, and second-degree murder charges for the couple.

“I want to be careful and cognizant of trying to protect the integrity of the investigation, as it’s ongoing to make sure the child has justice,” said Airway Heights Police Chief Brad Richmond.

This is an ongoing investigation.