Cougars Showing Off The ‘Gun Show’

PULLMAN – The Cougars didn’t get as far as they wanted to last year, and one area they knew they could improve on is strength.

Because of their determination to become better on the court, the team made a new commitment in the weight room.

“After we lost to Vanderbilt last year a bunch of guys felt like they had been out manned, out muscled especially I know Derrick did and he kind of started it,” Caleb Forrest said.

Derrick Low decided to take charge of the team’s attitude in the weight room by pushing them to become stronger.

“We just got this fun, kinda different, mentality in the weight room this year where we all kind of just tried to out match each other,” Taylor Rochestie said.

It doesn’t take long to see the difference in the players this year, and they like what they see.

“It looks good, I tell you that much, in the weight room looking in the mirror it looks good.” Derrick Low said.

The players look stronger and it might be getting to some of their heads, as most of the players have no doubt about who has the biggest guns on this team.

“Oh, definitely Derrick, definitely Derrick,” Forrest said.

“Derrick, easy, Derrick’s always showing off his guns,” Rochestie said.

“D-Low thinks he’s got the biggest, Taylor’s right behind him. D-Low’s definitely got the biggest head when it comes to his guns,” Daven Harmeling said.

So, Low thinks his are the biggest, but who does have the biggest arms?

“Baynes probably, definitely Baynes,” Forrest said.

“Aron Baynes is just as big as it gets, he’s the only person I continually walk up to and say wow this dude’s huge,” Rochestie said.

“Baynes, no question it’s not even close. Ironically Baynes is the biggest and strongest and he never says anything about it we got our little guards walking around with their shirts off and telling each other were the weight room’s at,” Harmeling said.

However, because of his size, Low has a hard time believing the Baynes has the biggest arms on the team.

“Ok, we can’t count Baynes, because no one is bigger than him in the Pac-10, so take Baynes out of the picture, it’s me and Taylor,” Low said.

Even with all of their arguments over who’s arms are bigger, the Cougars can all agree that their frequent trips into the weight room have not only made them stronger this year, but also a better team.