Coronavirus still not nearly as deadly as the flu

The coronavirus and fears surrounding it continue to spread out of China where more than 420 people have died.

The first case in the United States was confirmed in a western Washington man two weeks ago. The patient was released from an Everett hospital Monday afternoon.

There’s still a lot about the virus health officials don’t know, however, many doctors agree that Americans should be more concerned about the flu, at least right now.

The CDC confirms 19 million cases of influenza so far this season and 10,000 deaths. 180,000 Americans have been hospitalized.

Flu season typically peaks in February. Health officials are still studying coronavirus and don’t know when cases will plateau.

Coronavirus typically starts with a fever or cough and some people experience difficulty breathing. Most symptoms go away on their own.

Scientists are trying to develop a vaccine but that could take at least a year.