Cops: Idaho woman intentionally drove off cliff with 3 kids

Five injured in Kootenai County bus crash

Idaho authorities say a woman who drove her sport utility vehicle off a cliff in a crash that killed her and her three young children did so deliberately. The SUV landed in a reservoir.

The Ada County Coroner’s Office on Friday ruled the June 2, 2016 deaths a triple homicide-suicide.

Officials say 40-year-old Noel Bankhead drove a Land Rover off a 50-foot (15-meter) cliff with her children ages 8, 11 and 13 inside.

The vehicle sank in 40 feet (12 meters) of water in the Lucky Peak Reservoir.

The cause of death for all four was drowning associated with blunt force trauma.

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office in statement cites witness statements and lack of skid marks.

Sheriff’s office spokesman Patrick Orr declined comment on Bankhead’s motive.