Coping With Kids In The Dentist Chair

SPOKANE — A trip to the dentist is not at the top of a kid’s list ‘to do’ but a Spokane dentist office is changing the unpleasant stereotype.

At Little Smiles in post falls kids can’t even recall hearing a drill. Dr. Brad Barlow says his clinic is aimed at making a trip to the dentist a positive experience for kids, which is where the cast of dental tools comes in.

“Mr. Whistle is the high speed hand piece. Mr. Bumpy is the low speed hand piece that vibrates on your teeth to take out the cavity,” said Barlow.

The doctor says they don’t even use the word ‘novacain’ at the office, instead calling it ‘sleepy juice.’

Also, video screens help to distract the kids from what’s happening while they’re in the dentist chair.

“It’s really rewarding seeing a child turn from being anxious fairly quickly, to just being comfortable in a dental setting,” said Barlow.

A disease known as ‘Caries’ is directly linked to many oral health problems and starting patients as early as one year of age can make a lifetime of difference.