Conway’s husband calls for Congress to remove ‘cancer’ of Trump

George Conway, husband of top White House aide Kellyanne Conway, called for Congress to remove President Donald Trump from office following the release of the redacted special counsel report.

“White House counsel John Dean famously told (President Richard) Nixon that there was a cancer within the presidency and that it was growing,” Conway wrote in a Washington Post op-ed published Thursday night. “What the Mueller report disturbingly shows, with crystal clarity, is that today there is a cancer in the presidency: President Donald J. Trump. Congress now bears the solemn constitutional duty to excise that cancer without delay.”

As the husband of one of Trump’s top surrogates, and someone who once wanted to work in the administration, Conway has emerged as extremely unlikely critic of the President. He wrote in an op-ed last month that Trump was “guilty beyond a reasonable doubt” of being unfit for office.

Conway argued in his op-ed that counter to Trump’s claims, special counsel Robert Mueller had not “exonerated” him and that it was time for Congress to step in.

The redacted version of Mueller’s report released Thursday showed Mueller could not clear Trump on obstruction of justice and detailed several cases where Trump was unsuccessful in obstructing justice because his aides refused his orders.

Conway also noted that a president could be removed from office even without committing a crime, and said “the facts in Mueller’s report condemn Trump even more than the report’s refusal to clear him of a crime.”

CNN’s Jeremy Herb and Laura Jarrett contributed to this report.