Convicted child rapist released, expected to return to Spokane

The victim of a serial child rapist is worried about his return to Spokane.

“I’m more afraid for kids,” this victim said.

Gregory McCrea is believed to have had several victims. He was recently released from prison and is expected to be back in Spokane soon.

The victim said she’s concerned what happened to her will happen again. McCrea has been behind bars for 20 years. He was released Friday, five years early, and has not yet registered as a sex offender in Spokane.

During his trial in 1999, prosecutors said they believed he raped more than 20 children. McCrea was convicted of abusing eight.

Being a child victim herself, she doesn’t want what McCrea did to her to happen to any other child. It’s been more than 20 years now since this woman has seen McCrea. She was barely in elementary school when McCrea started abusing her.

This victim said she can’t believe they let him off on early release. She told 4 News Now Monday afternoon, she thinks the court system failed her.

“Yes, 100-million percent. In my eyes, this guy is a terrorist,” she said.

The victim didn’t want to share her name or show her face on camera. She told 4 News Now, McCrea was someone her family knew, someone they trusted. She said at the time, she was just a kid and didn’t fully understand what was happening.

Now that she does, she’s can’t believe what McCrea put her, and other kids like her, through.

“He should’ve never seen the light of day. He should’ve never seen the light of day. Even right now, he shouldn’t be where he’s at. He should be stuck in a jail cell,” she said.

McCrea served 20 years of his 25-year sentence. He was granted early release as part of the First Step Act, which was signed last year. The law which was supported by both Democrats and Republicans, including every single one of Washington states’s representatives and senators. It gives more rehabilitation opportunities to inmates.

But this victim and her family want to know why. They don’t understand how someone who caused so much pain for so many could leave a jail cell.

McCrea does have to register as a sex offender when he gets back to Spokane. 4 News Now checked with the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, they said he hasn’t done that yet.

He also has a long history of weapons charges and suspected ties to violent groups.

4 News Now asked this victim what she wants to happen next, she said she just hopes the right people do the right thing and follow through with his arrest.