Comstock Residents Discuss Pool Rehabilitation

SPOKANE — The first round of neighborhood meetings concerning new pools that will be built in Spokane wrapped up last week, providing a lot of people and no shortage of ideas.

One point of contention has surrounded the Comstock neighborhood pool, which is known for its historic look – something a number of area residents would like to keep in tact.

Neighbors attending the meeting said they’re looking for a pool that matches the feel of the neighborhood.

“We’d like to keep the historic nature of the pool house but modernize the inside,” one resident said. “We’d also be open to a zero entry but still keep a deep end for diving and swimming lessons and make it a fun pool.”

In November, Spokane voters approved a $42.9 million bond, $30 million of which will be dedicated to the replacement or rehabilitation of five existing swimming pools.

The city will build ten new splash pads, as well as a new pool in Northwest Spokane, though the exact location has yet to be decided.

The Comstock, Cannon, Hillyard, Liberty Park and Witter pools will all be replaced.

The city hopes to have the designs complete by the end of the summer so construction can begin sometime in August or September. Another round of meetings, open to the public, will take place in April.