Community shaken following the deaths of four University of Idaho students

MOSCOW, ID. — At a home just off King Street near the University of Idaho, the community is shaken following the deaths of four students.

The crime scene near campus has been active all day, with numerous agencies going in and out of the home looking for evidence. More and more questions are being asked at the crime scene, and police aren’t giving any answers.

Four students were found dead near campus over the weekend. Neighbors are still in shock, and some are taking new measures to protect themselves.

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“I now carry a weapon on me,” Jeremy Reagan, who lives near the scene of the homicide, said. “I used to do that before I moved up to Moscow. [I] moved to Moscow [and] though it was super safe, stopped and then this happened. At least, if and until they find who did it, I’m going to continue carrying a weapon on me again.”

Police searched the area inside and outside 1122 Queen Road on Monday. Law Enforcement is still looking for evidence and a suspect. Releasing little information has those in the area asking questions.

“Until we have details of what caused the police to think it was a homicide, I’m still not entirely sure about it,” Reagan said.

Classes are canceled and a memorial is now growing at the University entrance.

“There’s been smaller-scale tragedies that have happened over the years since I’ve been here, but this is something completely different,” Frank Chen, who also lives near the crime scene, said.

Chen is a recent graduate of U of I and has a new outlook on life through these tragic deaths.

“Make sure you just kind of live your life as much as you can, because you never really know how much time you have left,” Chen said.

As days pass, the investigation is intensifying to find a killer with four students dead.

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