Community members step up to help man beaten, robbed for $1.50 in Airway Heights

Airway heights residents raise money

AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. — Community members have once again rallied to help a man who was badly beaten and robbed for $1.50 outside the Airway Heights Walmart last month.

Airway Heights Police said the man had just gotten off the bus on December 30 when two people approached him and demanded money.

They proceeded to beat him, police said, giving him a bloody nose and knocking some of his teeth loose.

Police said the suspects then broke the man’s glasses before taking off with all the money he had- roughly $1.50 in change.

After almost two weeks of searching, Airway Heights Police and detectives tracked down the two young suspects. They were arrested and booked into the Spokane County Juvenile Detention Center.

Hearing about the attack, some Airway Heights residents raised $200 to buy the man a new pair of glasses.

READ: Airway Heights residents raise money for man who was beaten, robbed for $1.50

But the kindness didn’t stop there.

The Airway Heights Police Department took to Facebook on Tuesday, saying more residents raised an additional $350 for the man, as well as provided him with gift cards for groceries. His emergency room visit from the assault was also covered, police said.

Dr. C Family Dentistry in Spokane Valley also offered to fix the man’s teeth, which were knocked loose during the assault.

Police said the man wants to thank each and every person who stepped up to help him. They said he had recently lost his job and medical insurance, making the gestures that much sweeter.