Colville Reservation shocked by violent crime in their community

NESPELEM, Wash. — People living on the Colville Reservation are still in shock, dealing with tragedy and trauma they never expected.

Now they’re trying to move forward and find new ways to cope.

Joe Leach and his dad were burning dry weeds to get their mind off everything. They knew one of the victims, and are still trying to process how a friend is gone forever.

Leach says all he could do is come down to his dad’s property and watch the flames as his emotions heat up.

When they were put on lockdown, he didn’t know what was going on but never thought this kind of tragedy would strike their tight-knit community. He isn’t sure what’s next, but says this kind of pain cuts deep.

“Yesterday, I had a friend. Today I don’t,” Leach said. “Right now we’re just doing what we can to take that next step forward.”

Numerous law enforcement agencies combed the streets looking for the third suspect on Friday. He was later caught in Elmer City.

Joe and his father are just looking to find peace, processing all kinds of emotions, from a shooting that killed two.

Numerous other neighbors stayed home to be with their families. The community shared their uncertainty and a new fear they can’t get away from.

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