Colorado murder suspect thought to be in Spokane area

Colorado murder suspect thought to be in Spokane area

A Colorado family needs your help, finding a man wanted for murder.

Police believe 32-year old Deven Tomasso murdered 44-year old Joshua Jost in Denver, CO earlier this month and then hopped on board a bus headed to Spokane.

According to police, Tomasso is armed and dangerous and he should not be approached.

Jacob Reed is Joshua’s younger brother and spoke to KXLY via Facebook video chat Monday night.

Reed said he will not have any closure until justice is served and Tomasso is behind bars.

“It’s reeling to us,” said Jacob Reed. “We don’t understand why it happened,” said Reed.

Reed said his brother will most be remembered as a poet, a protector and a loyal person.

Reed now has this message for Tomasso:

“J oshua was good to you. He was a friend to you and you need to turn yourself in. Running is not going to answer any problems. You are always going to be looking over your shoulder, wondering if you are going to get caught,” said Reed.

If you see Tomasso or know where he is, call 911.