College students help clean up Granite Point

College students help clean up Granite Point

College students are helping clean up a popular spot on the lower Snake River that was trashed by Washington State University students.

Dozens of WSU and University of Idaho students spent Thursday morning picking up trash at Granite Point near Pullman.

The US Army Corps of Engineers was forced to close the site last week. The Whitman County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of hundreds of WSU students partying at what they called “The Cliffs.” The party took place on the Friday before finals week, April 27. Corps rangers initially collected more than 800 pounds of trash from the site. Tiny shards of broken glass and spray-painted graffiti still need to be cleaned up.

New WSU student body president Savannah Rodgers helped pick up trash. Rogers wasn’t at the party, but she says she wanted to help clean it up anyway. None of the students volunteering to help clean up were at the party. Granite point remains closed but corps officials are hoping to re-open the site soon, thanks in large part to help from the students.

This incident marks the third time in recent years that party trash, reportedly left by WSU students has forced the closure of recreational sites on the Snake River