Cocolalla Lake Is Hidden Paradise

COEUR D’ALENE — There is a little known but near perfect lake in the Idaho Panhandle that some people are quite proud of. 

“As you can see there is not a lot of people, its one of the best kept secrets in the North Idaho,” said Rose Cheney, Treasurer of the Cocolalla Lake Association.

Rose Cheney is proud of Cocolalla Lake, nestled just before Sandpoint in the scenic Idaho Panhandle. So proud in fact she’s turned the lake into her job.

“We have been active since 1984 protecting Cocolalla lake, our goal is to make it the most beautiful lake, and I think we have,” said Rose.

The 800 acre lake has a mean depth of 28 feet and is stocked by Fish and Game with a variety of fish, including large catfish.

“It’s a natural lake, it’s four season,” said Rose. “We have a lot of people that come visit us from Canada because it is a lot calmer then the bigger lakes.”

It may be a little bit windy at times, but that makes it perfect for other lake activities.

“On a day like today it’s perfect for sailing,” said Rose.

The wind didn’t keep Christopher Schaffer and his friends from coming out.

“We have an anchor, see if we can’t tie up somewhere, and do some fishing,” Schaffer said to his friends.

The Lake Association works hard to make their secluded lake the perfect place to play.

“As of today we have no mill foil to report here in Cocolalla Lake,” said Rose.

So take a Staycation and head up Highway 95. Take the Sportsman Access exit to your right before you hit mile marker 464. There is a small campground at the boat launch site and other camping locations nearby.

“Its centrally located, its just an amazing place,” said Rose. “Its pretty good fishing too.”

According to locals like Rose, many of the people who just live on the lake part time will rent out their homes to other visitors.