Clouds and warm weather all week long – Mark

Looking at your day planner today, it’s crisp and sunny—and that will be the trend this whole week.

Mon Day Plan1

Your 4 Things to Know: this week will be sunny, cloudy, and warmer than average! We had a dump of snow the previous few weeks, and while it’s mostly melted down here, it’s still causing issues in the Cascades, which could translate to snow. Otherwise, things will keep warming up, getting to a downright balmy 60 degrees on Friday!

Mon Am 4 Things1

Take a look at today’s highs; that’s what it will look like through the week.

Mon Highs1

High pressure keeps us dry and slowly warming into the 50s by end of the week. Sun and clouds with Cascade snow still possible this week.

Mon Planning 7 Day1