Clothing retailer Vanity files for bankruptcy, closing 140 stores

Retailers who filed for bankruptcy in 2017
Vanity, Inc. via Wikimedia Commons

Vanity, a women’s clothing store with 140 locations in 27 states, announced its filed for bankruptcy and will close all stores, WDAY-TV reports.

According to KFGO, the Fargo, North Dakota, based retailer employs as many as 1,700 people with over 100 people at the corporate headquarters.

Board Chairman Jim Bennett said the company made the decision in February. Bennett said competition from internet retailers was a significant factor.

“It’s been a very difficult retail sector in the last three to four years,” Bennett told WDAY. “It just isn’t sustainable for us.”

President and CEO Mickey Quinn said stores will remain open to sell off remaining inventory and most stores will be closed by late March.

Vanity is owned by the Bottrell family in Fargo and Montana. Bennett said it’s a “very tough time” for the family, WDAY reports.

“It’s not something that we wanted to do, but financially, we really don’t have a choice,” Bennett said to WDAY.