Clothes dryer causes fire at apartment complex

Clothes dryer causes fire at apartment complex

Spokane Valley firefighters extinguished a fire started by a clothes dryer at Clocktower apartments Wednesday afternoon.

Spokane Valley Fire Department units responded to the apartments at 15719 E. 4th Avenue just before 2 p.m.

Firefighters entered the first floor apartment and quickly extinguished the fire. Firefighters saw smoke but not fire on the second and third floor apartments.

A mother and her baby were in the first floor apartment when the clothes dryer caught fire. The mother tried to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher, but was unsuccessful and safely evacuated the building. A neighbor then called 911 and all residents were safely evacuated.

A cat and boa constrictor were rescued by firefighters, but a second cat, fish, and lizard died in the fire.

The Spokane Valley Fire Department asks residents to regularly clean lint out of clothes dryers and the surrounding area, including the vent hose. They also ask residents to make sure that working smoke alarms are in place and to test them monthly.