‘Click It or Ticket’ campaign an expensive reminder to buckle up

“Click It or Ticket.” It’s more than a suggestion, it’s the law. Seat belts save lives, but a new study by the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission says five percent of Washington drivers aren’t wearing them.

This month Spokane Police and other law enforcement agencies across the state are cracking down on violators during the 17th annual ‘Click It or Ticket’ campaign.

Officers say putting on your seat belt should come as second nature but some drivers in Spokane need an extra reminder.

Kxly rode along Wednesday night with SPD officer Ken Applewhaite who gave tickets to drivers and passengers who rode without wearing their seat belt.

In less than two hours, Applewhaite pulled over five drivers who didn’t click it. Each was given a $136 ticket – an expensive reminder to buckle up.

Officers like Applewhaite are working extra patrols funded funded by the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, seat belts saved an estimated 14,668 lives in 2016. That year, more than 37,000 people were killed in car crashes – 48 percent of them were not wearing a seatbelt.