Clark’s Diamond Jewelers offering a full refund to certain customers… but there’s a catch

Clark's Diamond Jewelers offering a full refund on this day

COEUR D’Alene, Idaho — If you bought jewelry from a local jeweler around the holidays, there’s a good chance you’ll be coming into some money. 

Each year, Clark’s Diamond Jewelers hosts a snow promotion, promising customers who bought jewelry around the holidays a full refund.

There’s just one catch. 

It needs to snow at least three inches in Coeur d’Alene this Saturday in order for customers to see that refund. 

The good news? A big winter storm is heading this way, with up to eight inches expected to hit the Inland Northwest on Friday. 

If that happens, all customers who bought jewelry between November 22 and December 31 will be eligible. 

Visit Clark’s Diamond Jewelers website to learn more.