Civil War reenactors to put on the Battle of Gettysburg in Medical Lake this weekend

Civil War reenactors to put on the Battle of Gettysburg in Medical Lake this weekend

Take a step back in time this weekend, to a tumultuous era in our nation’s history; the civil war.

“This is going to be a Gettysburg weekend and we are going to be doing Little Roundtop, because we have a hill,” explained Gary Michie of the Washington Civil War Association.

You could travel to the east coast to watch it where it happened, but here in Spokane, you’ll get something those participants don’t cover; the chance to become immersed in camp life.

“Virtually every single piece of the Civil War, you can get right here at Deep Creek,” said Don McConnell, who plays General Ulysses S. Grant. “You get civilian camps, you get confederate camps, you get cavalry, artillery, infantry, you get chaplains, you get surgeons.”

You’ll also have the opportunity to meet one of the most famous men in American history.

“I’m here as the president, as commander-in-chief of the forces,” said Keith Deaton, who plays Abraham Lincoln.

In the 30 years Deaton has portrayed the historical figure, he’s become an expert on our 16th president.

And, at the reenactment, you can sit down with Lincoln and General Grant to help them plan the next moves in battle.

Members of the association range in age from 81 to 1. Robin Black is one of the newest to join the reenactment at 16.

“We need this. We need to remember this. The good, the bad, the ugly,” she explained.

Many of the participants are veterans and while it is fun, the main reason they are there is so no one ever forgets.

“It is a hard-felt hobby. We feel that if you don’t learn your history, you’ll live it again and the first Civil War was enough,” added Michie.

The event is held at Deep Creek Farms in Medical Lake Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Active members of their military and their families get in free of charge.