City to make decision on East Spokane shelter lease, provider on Monday

SPOKANE, Wash. — We still don’t know if or when the city of Spokane will open a new shelter in east Spokane. However, city leaders say they’re a step closer in the process.

The Spokane City Council is set to look at the lease and provider of the Trent location shelter on Monday. The council is also expected to discuss an update to the ordinance governing camping and use of public spaces.

“Right now, it’s basically a blank canvas, so a large shell to make it more suitable for sleeping, and based upon the provider envisions, and how they want to operate populations within that shelter location. There will be some improvements that are made,” said Brian Coddington, the director of Communications and Marketing for Spokane.

The city says the Trent shelter will give people who are camping or living out on the streets another opportunity for a safe space to sleep.

The new shelter plans to start off with 150 beds, but has the ability to meet the maximum of 250 beds.

There will also be additional space to add much-needed services such as addiction services, behavioral services and more.

“It’s about building trust so that people will feel comfortable going to a shelter,” Coddington said. “Feel comfortable going to the shelter, feel comfortable accepting some of the services, feel comfortable taking that next step in their journey so the ultimately they get out of the night by night shelter situation or living where it’s not safe or humane for people.”

Camp Hope has grown over the last couple of months and there are also more people living on the Sprague & Division underpass.

The city’s homeless outreach team cleans underpasses regularly.

“For anybody who may use it whether they’re there camping or someone walking through there, it’s not a healthy safe place to be when you have build up of disease and other left over trash or other things that are discarded there,” Coddington said.

Coddington says crews will be increasing their cleaning in the area as the weather gets warmer and more people utilize the space.

City council is expected to take action on the lease and provider for the Trent location shelter in late June.

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