City releases list of shelter services in preparation for unseasonably cold weekend

In preparation of cold weather on the way, the City of Spokane released a list of services on Friday aimed to keep the homeless warm.

Here is a list of emergency shelter locations:

House of Charity – 32 W. Pacific Ave
Hope House for Women – 111 W. 3rd Ave
Crosswalk for Teens – 525 W. 2nd Ave
YWCA Shelter for Domestic Violence – (509-326-2255)
Open Doors Family Shelter – 2002 E. Mission
UGM Men’s Shelter – 1224 E. Trent
UGM for Women & Children – 1515 E. Illinois Ave

Additionally, there will be drop-in day centers available:

Women’s Hearth – 920 W. 2nd Ave
City Gate – 170 S. Madison St.
House of Charity – 32 W. Pacific Ave
Cup of Cool Water (for those 24 and under) – 1106 W. 2nd Ave
Crosswalk for Teens – 525 W. 2nd Ave
Open Doors for Families – 2002 E. Mission

According to the City, community partners are willing to prepare necessary space for those who don’t have a place to stay. The Spokane Fire Department plans to also complete regular welfare checks on those experiencing homelessness.

City officials say they’re prepared to provide STA bus passes to those who need warm weather transportation.