City of Spokane receives $500,000 in grants for Brownsfield assessment projects

Spokane City Hall
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SPOKANE, Wash. — The City of Spokane received $500,000 in grants from the Environmental Protection Agency for environmental investigations in the northeast Spokane area. Spokane was one of three areas selected in the state of Washington for this grant.

The money will be prioritized to development and redevelopment sites, as well as helping create jobs and houses.

“This is an exciting opportunity to explore the benefits of northeast Spokane and uncover the possibilities for economic and housing growth in one of our most historic neighborhoods,” Mayor Nadine Woodward said.

The funds provided will be used to help Brownsfield assessment projects, which are used to help communities in need and where environmental assessment is needed. 

The program works to help minimize risks that come with redeveloping areas of previous development. It seeks funding to evaluate the different sites, create cleanup activities and more.