City leaders forming new 10-year plan for downtown Spokane

The City of Spokane is developing a new ten-year plan for the future of downtown.

The last plan, that ran from 2008 to 2018, included visions of a new Riverfront Park, Kendall Yards developments and a facelift for the Spokane Arena.

All of those things came to life, because of input from people like you.

“Citizens have no idea how much they affect what we do. So if they wanted to see more green spaces downtown, or more dog parks, they really do have an impact on whether we do or do not do those things,” said Julie Happy, a Communications Manager for the City of Spokane.

So as the city decides what to focus on in the next 10-year plan, leaders want to know what’s important to you.

They’re interested to find out how you actually use downtown, and what you’d like to see change.

At an event called ‘Connect Downtown’ today, you can provide input on everything from STA routes, to parking, to new construction projects.

There will be eleven booths total.

It’s from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. near the Rotary Fountain in Riverfront Park.

There’s some fun stuff for the kids, too! Ben and Jerry’s will be there, there will be a magic show on the Skate Ribbon, and free Kona Shave Ice.

After city leaders gather as much public input as possible, the information will be given to a planning commission, which will present the new ten year plan to the City Council sometime in the winter.