City Bracing For Potential AMR Strike

SPOKANE — Spokane’s city leaders got the word that emergency medical personnel with AMR, the city’s ambulance provider, could go on strike.

Many people rely on AMR when they need urgent medical attention and if employees do go on strike the city says AMR must continue its services as it is legally bound to do so. However in this type of situation the city says it needs to always be prepared which is why it’s communicating with the local union which is obligated to notify the city if there is even a chance of a strike.

“This relationship with AMR is just like any city service we deal with, with the exception it’s more important because it’s lives and that’s what we deal with,” Assistant Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer said.  

The AMR contract, approved by the Spokane City Council, is managed by the fire department. Details on contract discussions between the union and AMR are unclear at this point but most likely pay, benefits and work conditions are being discussed.

AMR is the nation’s largest ambulance company with more than 18,000 employees.