‘Citizens for Liberty and Labor’ PAC puts down $131K against Woodward campaign

‘Citizens for Liberty and Labor’ PAC puts down $131K against Woodward campaign
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Another third-party donation has hit Spokane’s mayoral race – this time, against Nadine Woodward.

A political action committee called Citizens for Liberty and Labor has put down nearly $130,000 against Woodward’s campaign.

Neither candidate controls third-party money or how it is used.

The PAC is run by Randy Marler, the former president of the Spokane Firefighters Union. In an email to 4 News Now, Marler described the PAC as “a group of firefighters, nurses, environmental groups, and community leaders who don’t want outside developers to buy our next Mayor and City Council President.”

The PAC’s major contributors are the Spokane Firefighters Union PAC, the Washington Education Association, WA for All PAC, SEIU Union WA State Council PAC and UFCW Local 1439.

According to documents filed with the Public Disclosure Committee, the money is being put toward television advertising. The PAC paid for the creation of ads and cable fees, and paid for over $83,000 in fees to actually run the ads.

That ad can be seen on a new website funded by the PAC, developersfornadine.com.

The ad is in direct relation to money put down by the Washington Realtor’s PAC in favor of Woodward’s campaign. The PAC has contributed over $161,000. Again, Woodward’s campaign has no control over how the money is spent.

“Nadine Woodward would allow more sprawl and Seattle-style traffic to pad the profits of realtors and big developers bankrolling her campaign. We can’t let them buy this election,” said Marler. “Ben Stuckart and Breean Beggs have been champions for improving public safety, protecting clean air and clean water, and protecting our neighborhoods. They are the only candidates with experience and a track record of bringing our community together to make progress on these critical issues. Their opponents would drag our city backwards.”

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