Christian researcher warns rapture will begin Saturday

David Meade, a Christian researcher, told The Washington Post the rapture will happen Saturday–33 days after last month’s eclipse.

The rapture is an event where Christians claim Jesus Christ will return to Earth and carry the “saved” to heaven while the Earth descends into a chaotic “tribulation” period for those who are left. Meade believes the rapture won’t be the end of the Earth per say, just the end as we know it.

“Jesus lived for 33 years. The name Elohim, which is the name of God to the Jews, was mentioned 33 times [in the bible]. It’s a very biblically significant, numerologicaly significant number,” Meade said.

Meade thinks the catastrophe will be caused by a secret planet called Nibiru passing the Earth on Saturday. Nearly every astronomer denies the existence of Nibiru.

Fellow Christians are also rejecting Meade’s doomsday predictions.

“Meade is a made-up leader in a made-up field, and should not be on the front page of anything,” Ed Stetzer of Christianity today said.

In anticipation for the event, several related videos have gone viral.