Children in need pair up with law enforcement to buy gifts for families

Children in need pair up with law enforcement to buy gifts for families

The Spokane Valley Walmart was packed on Sunday morning for the annual Holiday and Heroes event.

35 deputies from the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office helped 100 kids in need buy holiday gifts for their loved ones.

It was Deputy Roman Maier’s first time participating and he had a special request. Maier wanted to be the one to take around a special little boy who is in his wife’s second grade class.

Deputy Maier explains, “she wanted to make sure that he got something special for his mom, dad and brother and of course, something special for him. “

Like any 7-year old, David already had a list of items ready for himself.

He said, “I have to get a bike!”

When it came to gifts for his family, the process was a bit longer.

“David is fun, but he has a very short attention span. You go down one aisle thinking you’re going to get all the way to the end but before you know it, you’re stopping 15 times before you get there,” explains Deputy Maier.

For his dad, he chose a watch baring the colors of his favorite football team.

“He likes Seahawks!” David shared.

And for mom, a necklace with her favorite things; flowers.

David says, “she’s going to be happy!”

Picking for mom and dad was a walk in the park compared to picking something out for his beloved brother.

“At the end he had both a bicycle and a skateboard picked out but he ended up putting the skateboard back so he could get something more for his brother. It was really cool to see him sacrifice something for himself so he could get something for someone else,” said Deputy Maier.

In the end, Seahawks swag won and David went home with some great gifts to go under the tree. Mission accomplished for Deputy Maier and his wife.

Deputy Maier explained, “it’s just awesome to give back and see the light and sparkle in their eyes that you get to do this for them and that they’re happy to go with you.”

After the big shopping trip,the kids went back in the squad cars to attend a special gift-wrapping party where Old Saint Nick was the guest of honor.

When they returned home, they arrived with gifts and a feast of food for Christmas dinner.