Packages piling up at Cheney Post Office

CHENEY, Wash. — Lines of people filed into the Cheney Post Office on Monday, waiting to collect packages that they say have been sitting at the Post Office for days.

With Christmas less than a week away, many are anxious to receive their packages and get them wrapped under the tree.

“I bought some things from Amazon for Christmas for my grandkids, and I’d like to get them, receive them and get them wrapped up,” said Lynette Voth, who lives in Cheney. “I just don’t know if I’ll be able to have them by Christmas the way it looks here.”

Voth was alerted that her packages had arrived at the Cheney Post Office on December 6. Several days later, they still hadn’t been delivered.

Looking for answers, she went down to the Post Office and saw a sea of packages piling up in the parking lot.

“There were 54 pallets, 8-foot tall amazon packages sitting outside here,” she said.

The Post Office is the final leg of the delivery for many of these packages, but they have limited staff to complete it. As a result, painfully long lines have become prevalent in their building.

“Every day there are about 20 people, a line out the door, and when I go in and ask what they’re doing, most of them are not mailing packages but intending to receive them,” Voth said.

Some who were patient enough to wait in line walked out with the packages they had been waiting on. Others, though, are still waiting.

Several Cheney residents say the Post Office is working though sudden mail carrier shortages, prompting the delays.

Those that are left were doing everything they could, loading mail trucks to the brim with packages, trying to deliver as many as possible.

“I can understand if they don’t have the delivery persons to do the job, but it’s really frustrating for the customers who depend upon the postal office,” Voth said.

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