Central Valley schools focusing on student’s math skills and mental health in upcoming year

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — Across Washington, students still struggle in schools when it comes to their mental health needs. The Central Valley School District is addressing this, while also making its new math curriculum a top focus.

“This year, we are working on implementing a new math curriculum, and it’s one of our district initiatives to make sure that all students receive that information from their teachers daily,” said Cindy Sothen, Director of Learning Recovery at the school district.

When it comes to enrollment, the district says that the number can fluctuate.

“We found that some parents felt it was important to take their students out of public and enroll them in private schools,” said John Parker, Central Valley’s Superintendent.

Now, the district is working to implement new programs and initiatives for students to feel safe and secure in the classroom.

“To be that attractive piece that brings our families interested in public schools back to our schools,” Parker said.

Another key initiative the district is working on is improving their student’s mental health.

“Students can’t learn without having a strong sense of belonging,” Sothen said.

The district is now partnering with two mental health agencies, to work alongside school counselors and administrators.

“We refer students that may be in a higher need of some of those mental health clinicians’ support, and are continually working with students and families to engage them and help them with a sense of belonging,” Sothen said.

The district says they want to work directly with parents to continue student improvement and understand where their child’s needs are and aren’t being met.

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