Catholic Charities receives preliminary approval for Catalyst Project

Buder Haven Catholic Charities
Credit: Catholic Charities

SPOKANE, Wash.— The Washington State Department of Commerce has granted preliminary approval for Catholic Charities’ Catalyst Project.

The project was approved to receive up to $6.5 million from the Department of Commerce.

The project says that 87 rooms will be provided to people from state rights of way, with the availability to house others with lower income if the Department determines some of the units are not needed for those living on the state rights of way.

14 of the 87 rooms have double occupancy.

Funds are provided in the form of a recoverable grant. There will be no expectation for repayment as long as the contract is met during the commitment period. In the case where the contract is not met, Catholic Charities would have to repay the state general fund the principal amount plus the calculated rate of interest on Washington general obligation bonds issued closest to the authorization of the grant.

The award is part of the response of Spokane County for the Rights of Way Initiative Request for Proposal.

The Department of Commerce is asking that the materials be submitted by Catholic Charities as soon as possible so funds can be distributed by August of this year.

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