The 30 highest-grossing actors under the age of 30

Most of these actors started their careers as children, working in theater, commercials, and television, before landing breakout roles in films and film franchises that would go on to be worldwide hits. 

50 movies to get excited about in 2023

While 2022 brought the much-anticipated "Avatar" sequel and superhero fare like "The Batman," a new "Doctor Strange" film, and the fan favorite "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever," 2023 boasts similar soon-to-be blockbusters.

Oscars voting is about to begin. Who’s on track for a nomination?

LOS ANGELES — We're a week away from the beginning of Oscar nominations voting. Motion picture academy members presumably spent the holidays unwrapping tamales, spiking the eggnog and catching up on the movies they've missed. (Or, from what I'm hearing, watching the ones they love once again instead of doing their homework.) What might this year's slate look like when Oscar nods are announced ...

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Here's a look back at the best films of 2022 that were written by, directed by, or starred Black creatives, including both fiction and documentary feature films.

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As 2022 draws to a close, film enthusiasts are looking ahead to the most anticipated releases of 2023. But it's never too soon to start appreciating film anniversaries in the new year, and 2023 is chock-full of them.

Oscars 2023: 10 women directors deserving attention

Here's a list of 10 exceptional movies from women directors this year, all scoring higher on Metacritic than the films from Golden Globe-nominated directors James Cameron ("Avatar: The Way of Water") and Baz Luhrmann ("Elvis").