Cat rescued after 3 days in tree goes up another tree

A cat being rescued from a tree after being stuck in it for three days quickly jumped to a neighboring tree and fled into a nearby garden. He was found later in yet another tree.

Animal rescuers in Britain said a resident reached out after seeing the orange cat in the 60-foot tree for about three days, UPI reported.

“Neighbors believed the cat had been stuck up the tree for at least three days and I was concerned that he’d not had any food or water in that time and was stuck very high up,” said Lauren Bradshaw, an RSPCA animal collection officer, UPI reported. “The tree was very tall and was in a ravine which made access extremely difficult. Thankfully, a local tree surgeon was able to assist and was quick to attend.”

The tree surgeon had almost reached the cat when it jumped to the other tree, climbed down and ran into a nearby garden, UPI reported.

Bradshaw later found a note on her vehicle from a family missing a cat with a similar description as the tree-jumping feline, UPI reported. She went to the garden and found the cat — in another tree.

Bradshaw said the cat was microchipped so she was able to confirm it was the family’s pet, Charlie, UPI reported.

“One of the little girls told me her birthday was coming up too and she’d made a wish that Charlie would be home for it — and he was,” Bradshaw said, according to UPI. “It was such a lovely, happy ending!”