Cat found badly injured in a Spokane neighborhood alleyway

A cat in Spokane was found physically abused in a neighborhood alleyway. It’s now recovering at the Spokane County Regional Animal Protective Services (SCRAPS).

SCRAPS named the injured cat ‘Achilles.’ He’s an adult male cat who was brought in on Tuesday, October 15 with a dislocated pelvis. Veterinarians originally said his odds of recovering from his injuries were 50/50.

On Saturday, October 19, SCRAPS said Achilles was four days into his 4-6 weeks of cage rest. They said he’s eating and performing some normal functions as best he can.

According to SCRAPS, the witness who brought Achilles in said he believes a group of elementary school-aged children are responsible. That information is still under investigation. But they say animal abuse is abuse, regardless of who does it.

“Hearing that young people are doing this, it’s definitely heartbreaking for us all to think that younger generations can be acting this way, too,” Haleigh Meacham, a shelter tech at SCRAPS.

While SCRAPS animal protection officers work to get to the bottom who or what did this to Achilles, the care team is focusing on getting nursing him back to health.

“After some x-rays, they said that his pelvis is actually separated from his spine,” Meachem said. “We’re hoping that his pelvis will be able to connect itself back together, so his mobility is really low. He can’t really use his back legs due to that separation.”

Despite being severely injured, SCRAPS said Achilles ‘comes to life for his visitors,’ and is making slow progress.

“He looks like he’s going to be a fighter and that’s what inspires us,” Meachem said.

There are currently 273 cats in kennels at SCRAPS, all waiting to get adopted. Achilles is the newest cat at the shelter.

Achilles is on the road to recovery, and with some love and rest, will hopefully be healthy again soon.

If you have any information to help SCRAPS’ investigation, you’re asked to give them a call at (509) 477-2532.