Carving powder — instead of ham — on Christmas

Carving powder — instead of ham — on Christmas

Many people decided to celebrate their day off Tuesday by skipping carving the holiday ham in favor of carving a few runs at Mt. Spokane instead.

Up on the hill skiers and snowboarders alike took advantage of the fresh snow Tuesday. Some people might ask why going skiing on Christmas. For those that hit the slopes the question was ‘Why not?’

For Grayson and Maxwell Sykes, hitting the slopes Tuesday was a start of a new tradition for them.

“Good so far,” Maxwell said. “Shredding it up.”

Even with the mountain so foggy even Rudolph would need a flashlight people kept pulling up and gearing up with freshly unwrapped presents.

“We had to try on everything so we knew it was already there,” Colin Deyarmin said.

Deyarmin planned to make the most out of the holiday on the slopes; he planned to stay on the mountain “probably till it closes. Probably go as long as we can go.”

And what better way to enjoy a white Christmas than to spend it on the slopes?