Car thief arrested after asking deputy for restroom directions

Car thief arrested after asking deputy for restroom directions

During routine patrol Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Luke Mallon was at the Wilbur Conoco getting fuel for his patrol vehicle.

A small passenger car pulled up in front of the business and the driver exited his vehicle. He was showing signs of being under the influence and as the passenger exited the vehicle she was seen to be staggering.

The driver approached Deputy Mallon and asked where a restroom was.

Deputy Mallon asked them to wait by their car while he finished fueling up and that he would be glad to help them in a moment.

As they waited the Deputy had the plate ran through the Lincoln County Dispatch Center. The vehicle came back stolen out of Spokane.

Both subjects had suspended licenses and the driver was arrested for possession of the stolen vehicle.

In a post on Facebook, the Lincoln County Sheriff said, “While most bad guys avoid law enforcement, this subject asked for assistance in locating a bathroom while driving a stolen vehicle with a revoked license. As you guessed the vehicle was towed, suspect arrested and a restroom at the Lincoln County Jail was provided.”

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